News Briefs for October 31, 2008

» The Animation Blog notes that the voice talent of The Simpsons has extended their contract for another three years. If they all follow through, that would take The Simpsons into their 23rd year.

» The AV Club gives Richard Thompson’s new book Cul de Sac collection book an A-; Garfield minus Garfield gets a B+.

» The Sacramento Bee interviews Berkeley Breathed about the end of Opus. Not too much more information that hasn’t already been reported.

» Mike Lynch has posted an YouTube video with caricaturist Gerald Scarfe.

» Kieth Knight is interviewed by The Daily Crosshatch regarding the recent campus controversy over a cartoon that used the “n-word.”

» Karen Montague-Reyes, creator of Clear Blue Water, writes about her road to syndication (part 1, and 2)

» Comic Book Resources is winding down its month long coverage of historical editorial cartoonists. Latest posts include: Clifford “Ck” Berryman and Jeff MacNelly