Bok, Borgman, Luchovich roast Peters for charity

Editorial cartoonists Chip Bok, Jim Borgman and Mike Luckovich gathered in Dayton Ohio to roast Mike Peters for the annual Bipartisan Bash – a fundraiser for Kids Voting USA. Each of the cartoonists were able to share stories of their experiences with Mike over the years. The three that were “family friendly” and could be printed in the Dayton Daily News write-up include:

Peters and Luckovich, donning sunglasses and placing phone cords in their ears, posed as security men at a White House correspondents’ dinner, fooling Henry Kissinger, who asked them to escort him. They complied. Plus, the assembled journalists obeyed Peters when he commanded, “No more questions!”

Peters pretended to be a guard outside the historic home of Vincent Van Gogh, ordering the current owner not to enter. He quickly became pals with the owner, who showed Peters and Bok around the place.

At a golf event, Peters wore sunglasses and a t-shirt reading “Blind Golfer.” “The rest of the afternoon, any time he even hit the ball (no matter how poorly) the crowd cheered for him,” Borgman related.

2 thoughts on “Bok, Borgman, Luchovich roast Peters for charity

  1. This was a lot of fun. The DDN article covers it well (which you would expect from the sponsoring paper), but I’ll add my update soon with some photos and additional comments. I’ll try not to be too redundant. I’m not an avid blogger, so I’m just writing this up since I thought most here would appreciate it. I’ll post the link asap. Overall, what continues to amaze me is all the positive energy and friendliness of the giants in the field.

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