Aussie Bill Leak seriously injured in balcony fall

Australian cartoonist Bill Leak suffered a serious head injury after falling 3-4 meters off a balcony in the Mount White area of Australia’s central coast. He was reportedly feeding parrots with friends at the time of the fall. He was unconscious immediately after the fall and was flown by helicopter and had emergency brain surgery Saturday night and again yesterday. As of this morning, he is listed in “serious but stable” condition.

Bill has won eight Walkley Awards and 19 Stanley Awards from the Australian Cartoonists’ Association, the Packing Room Prize twice, and the People’s Choice award for a portrait of federal Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull.

One thought on “Aussie Bill Leak seriously injured in balcony fall

  1. Dang! Hope he receives top notch care and recovers quickly.
    Too many of us are brain damaged through natural or chemical means.
    Feeding parrots is kind of ironic, though.

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