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News Briefs for October 3, 2008

» Mike Cavna interviews Ted Rall.

» Express Night Out interviews Tom Tomorrow.

» Ray Billingsley’s Curtis comic is now 20 years old.

» Kevin Kallaugher will be at the Newseum on October 25th.

» Rhymes with Orange creator Hilary Price will be at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum on October 23rd.

» The Swann Foundation is now accepting fellowship applications.

» Comic Book Resources takes a look at French cartoonist Honore Daumier.

» Family Circus creator Bil Keane is featured in an article in The Bulletin. Story takes Bil back to his days in Philadelphia where he got his start in cartooning.

» In early voting, Pickles and Rose is Rose is ahead to replace FBOFW in the Appeal Democrat.

Community Comments

#1 Jeff Stanson
@ 2:12 pm

Congratulations to Ray Billingsley on 20 years of Curtis. The strip remains as good and as fresh as ever. He has established an excellent cast of characters and always seems to have a new take on a regular group of scenarios: trying to get Michelle to go out with him, reading comics in class, putting up with bullies, trying to get his dad to stop smoking, antagonizing his little brother, critiquing ladies’ hats in church, and more. Yet he is always blazing new paths, such as Curtis’ experiences in summer school this summer. I don’t care for the Kwanzaa stories at the end of every year, but every other day I’m still reading and enjoying Curtis since day 1.

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