News Briefs for September 30, 2008

» As reported earlier, Pooch Cafe creator Paul Gilligan created a plush toy version of main character Poncho to send around the world to fans who will take a picture of the stuffed animal in a notable locale and then send it on to the next fan. He’s already posted the first pics.

» Dallas Morning News interviews MAD cartoonist Sergio Aragones about his career.

» Mike Cope was interviewed on Comics Coast to Coast. Items discussed: His book “The Last of the Funnies”, the Orphan Works Act of 2008, the future of newspapers, and self-publishing options.

» Ted Rall will join Roseanne Barr to discuss post-election results.

» Matt Davies has an exhibit that opened up last Friday and runs through October 26th. The exhibit is entitled “Campaign Wishes” and can be seen at Westport Arts Center.

» Brian Anderson is putting up Dog Eat Doug original artwork up on Ebay.

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  1. The Chicago Tribune just redesigned their newspaper yesterday. Out are “Non Sequitur”, “Ink Pen” and “Free Range”. In are “Scary Gary” and “The Argyle Sweater”.

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