Bleeker one stop closer to TV animation

Jonathan Mahood, who’s web comic Bleeker the rechargeable dog, is one stop closer to seeing his comic creation on television. Radical Sheep Productions, who optioned his strip back in 2007 for television has made a deal with TVO to develop an animated comedic series for children. Script writing and animation design is already underway for what they hope to be 26 11-minute episodes.

7 thoughts on “Bleeker one stop closer to TV animation

  1. Congratulations Jon and good luck in everything Bleeker! Funny how it seems only web comic artists providing the initial congratulatory comments at this time, not to start anything (once again!), but just saying…

  2. Hey Jon:

    Congrats on potentially tapping into the Animation market…Way to go!!!

    All the best with Bleeker!!!

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