Post picks Little Dog Lost; 64% polled like FBOFW

As reported yesterday, the Washington Post has opted to drop For Better or For Worse – at least for print. It will keep it online. Starting Monday, the Post will run Little Dog Lost in the FBOFW slot.

E&P has been watching an online poll conducted on the Post’s web site that reports that 64% of the respondents were okay with the paper running “comic strips that aren’t entirely new content, be they reruns or hybrids?”

4 thoughts on “Post picks Little Dog Lost; 64% polled like FBOFW

  1. I have to echo the comments above me. Little Dog Lost is one of my favorites. I love the loose style and clever writing. I also must repeat what was stated on a previous comment thread. I believe The Post is making a good decision keeping FBOFW running online and replacing it in print with something fresher. Congrats to Steve Boreman, one of my favorite cartoonists.

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