Cartoonists covering the DNC part 4

Last night was the big one. The night that Barak Obama became the first African-American presidential nominee. Here’s how it was covered:

» The prolific Rob Rogers tangles with security, meets Vice President nominee Joe Bidden, gets frustrated at security, CNN, but he’s really happy to be there and has some final thoughts on the Obama event.

» Rob Tornoe wraps up his Convention sketchpad.

» Ed Stein posts part 12 of his “Long Time Passing” series.

» Drew Litton: Obama and Lincoln high five each other.

» Marshall Ramsey does play by play on Obama’s speech: “I noted before that he is wearing a flag pin. That will drive Fox News anchors NUTS for a week.”

» Scott Stantis thinks the speech was one for the books.

» Michael Ramirez takes some swipes at Hillary and Bill.

» Jen Sorensen is sleep deprived but has posted blog thoughts on the convention.

» David Horsey analyzes the Obama speech.

» KAL’s adventures in slideshow form: