Comic page changes

Some of these are a bit old. It seems that after the Doonesbury hiatus was over, the number of changes reported dropped and I just held the stories until there was a number of them to gather into one post.

» The News Observer is trying out The Other Coast, Ollie and Quentin and Home and Away until August 9.

» Baby Blues has replaced Redeye in the Guam Pacific Daily News after the passing of Mel Casson.

» For Better or For Worse returns to the Detroit Free Press after readers complained that the paper cancelled it during the Elizabeth-Anthony wedding story-line. The Free Press explained that it had dropped FBOFW because they disliked paying full price for the re-runs in this “hybrid” model. They would rather pay the money to someone with new material.

» The Times Union reports that Wiley Miller and Non-Sequitur are on vacation for the next five weeks (Free-Press reports only a 4 week hiatus). The Times Union honors Wiley, who detests comics surveys, with a comic survey on Dave Coverly’s Speed Bump.

» The Roanoke Times has permanently picked up Pearls Before Swine after a three month trial run.

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