Candidate draws webcomic to raise campaign funds

Sean Tevis is filing papers to run for the office of state representative in Kansas. The 39 year-old, first time politician was told he would need to raise nearly $26,000 to fund his campaign against the deeper pockets of his Republican competitor. After raising just over $1000 the traditional method of asking for donations from friends and family, he created a webcomic and solicited money through his web site. In two weeks, he raised over $95,000. His competitor, a semi-retired, 3-term incumbent has raised $12,000 the old fashion way and believes that’s best. “This is a race you win by getting out and walking, not sitting in front of a compute,” he told the L.A. Times. Most of Tevis’ money was raised by non-Kansas donors who learned of his comic and campaign through social media, which political analysts fear will hurt him in the end as they can’t vote for him.

6 thoughts on “Candidate draws webcomic to raise campaign funds

  1. I just read about this over at the LA Times website, too. Looking at the actual comic, it’s basically a(n) xkcd clone, only with politics. So, no wonder it’s so popular.

  2. It will not get him elected. He’s running against an incumbent conservative in Kansas with the bulk of his donations coming from people who can’t vote for him.

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