Scary Gary debuts; Doonesbury returns

Today marks the debut of Mark Buford’s Scary Gary – a Munster type strip with a 700 year-old vampire, a monster and disembodied head living in a jar who move into the suburbs. Along with the Knight Life and Pooch Cafe, Scary Gary is on trial mode at the News and Observer.

Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury returns after a three month hiatus. Papers who opted to take the opportunity to try out other strips will now have to make their selections. I expect to see more shake-ups in the next couple of weeks.

The Yakima Herald-Republic is bringing back Doonesbury, and of the strips they tried out, they will keep The Other Coast, but drop Tundra.

The Press of Atlantic City was running The Fusco Brothers during the hiatus. Doonesbury is back; The Fusco Brothers are not.

The LA Times is wrestling with the conundrum of what to do now. They’ve brought Doonesbury back, but now have to drop something in return. They ran Cafe Con Leche, Dog Eat Doug and Stone Soup as guest comics. The Deputy Features Editor, Sherry Stern, hints that Cafe Con Leche probably won’t be coming back, but that she’s soliciting feedback from readers regarding Dog Eat Doug and Stone Soup.

4 thoughts on “Scary Gary debuts; Doonesbury returns

  1. I read the two Scary Gary strips that are up and I thought they were really good. I like the art style too.

    Off to a good start. I hope it does well. Congratulations, Mark!

  2. Mark showed the admission strips at our monthly Atlanta cartoonists’ group pizza fest shortly after getting picked up by Creators’. A very funny strip and a nice guy to boot.

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