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Randy Glasbergen goes global

Randy Glasbergen, one of the most prolific cartoonists in the industry, has several projects that are going to be launching in various places around the world.

Firstly, Randy has signed a 5-year contract with Recycled Paper Greetings (RPG). RPG will be adapting Randy’s single-panel cartoons to greeting card designs for holidays and other occasions.

Randy’s Thin Lines comic panel is currently being used in publications, education and marketing materials for Bally’s Total Fitness, Planet Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Curves, Weight Watchers and TOPS.

He has also illustrated a series of scratch-off lottery cards that are scheduled to go on sale this summer in the UK via The National Lottery. The “Kitty Cash” cards feature 5 of Randy’s dog and cat cartoons and assorted spot drawings.

A number of taxi cabs in New Zealand will soon be featuring Randy’s cartoons on DVD screens. His cartoons will appear on screen along with advertising messages to entertain passengers on trips to and from the airport.

And lastly, Randy’s cartoons and career will be profiled in the July issue of SlapStick magazine.

Community Comments

#1 Vlad Kolarov
@ 9:04 am

Way to go, Randy! You are a living proof that there are many different markets for cartoons, than just the printed media.

#2 Larry Levine
@ 9:19 am

Randy, Congratulations–from this point on I’ll only give family/friends your cards for all holidays & occasions!!!

#3 Randy Glasbergen
@ 9:37 am

Small correction: The profile is coming out in SlapStik magazine (not SlapStick).

#4 Jason Nocera
@ 10:08 am

Good for you, Randy! Thin Lines is a great idea for a niche comic strip!

#5 Karsten Schley
@ 10:17 am

Great news, Randy! Congrats and good luck!

#6 Mike Witmer
@ 12:59 pm

Nice! It’s always inspiring to see new ground broken

#7 Rod McKie
@ 10:01 am

Randy Glasbergen is an often overlooked genius. What I like about him most is that he just gets his head down and gets the work down while others (probably me) go around making a lot more noise and a lot less art.
When the balloon goes up only 3 things will remain, cockroaches, Joan Rivers, and Randy Glasbergen’s cartoons.

#8 Jason Nocera
@ 1:19 pm

What Rod said – Randy has a work ethic that’s inspiring.

#9 John Read
@ 5:37 pm

Randy, just how many places DO your cartoons appear? And how many cartoons do you draw each day?

#10 Randy Glasbergen
@ 10:23 am

Since you asked…I write 10-15 gags per day and probably average 6 drawings per day. I got my start with freelance magazine cartoons where productivity was the key to survival, especially before the Internet. This type of output (5-10 cartoons per day) is pretty typical of the freelancers I know who produce work for many different markets. When Gary Larson said he couldn’t keep up the demand of one cartoon per day, a lot of them laughed.

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