McPherson thanks hospital with hot nurse cartoon

Close to Home creator, John McPherson, has donated his “hot nurse” cartoon to Saratoga Hospital as a gesture of thanks for the care he received there over the years.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Saratoga Hospital,” McPherson told his audience. “I had kidney stones for about six weeks a couple of years ago and the next year I had gall stones. Between them, I made 13 visits to the emergency room. This cartoon was my payback.”

The panel shows a patient about to be placed in an ambulance and being told that another hospital is closer but the nurses at Saratoga Hospital are “hot.”

Chief Nursing Officer Mary Jo LaPosta, who assumed her post at the hospital this month, said she was pleased, not offended by the reference.

“I compare us being referred to as hot as a comparison to professional basketball players being hot on the court or baseball players on the field,” she said. “Our nurses are like NFL draftees who are hot.”

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