News Briefs for June 2, 2008

» E&P reports that another couple of Charles Schulz original Peanut strips have sold at auction for a combined $115,269. The first strip dated June 3, 1962 is a Sunday featuring a kite-flying scene and it sold for $79,100 and the second is a daily featuring Snoopy dated January 11, 1964 which sold for $36,160.

» Alison Bechdel is taking her comic feature Dykes to Watch Out For on Sabbatical for an unspecified length.

» The Knight Life creator Keith Knight was profiled in The Daily News Transcript.

» Charlos Gary, creator of Cafe Con Leche and Working it Out is heading to New York after being laid off from the St. Petersburg Times.

» Last week, I posted news that Scott Stantis was celebrating 30 years of editorial cartooning. Also celebrating his 30th year in editorial cartooning: Steve Greenburg of The Ventura County Star.

» If you live in the Vermont area, take some time to see the “Campaign Fever ’24” exhibit at the Calvin Coolidge Visitor Center Museum in Plymouth, Vt. The exhibit highlights the 1924 election season wherein the Democratic party’s convention lasted 17 days before it could produce their nominee. Exhibit showcases political cartoons and campaign memorabilia.

» Tom Batuik, creator of Funky Winkerbean, has written an article that will appear in this month’s issue of Guidepost magazine. The magazine features articles of inspiring stories and people. Read the article here.

» And lastly, Bob Andelman (AKA Mr. Media) has interviewed Jules Feiffer about his feature Explainers. Fantagraphics has announced that it will publish the whole Explainers feature.

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