Jim Meddick wins Newspaper Strips Award

Jim Meddick has been awarded Best Newspaper Strip by the NCS for his comic strip Monty

11 thoughts on “Jim Meddick wins Newspaper Strips Award

  1. Well, so there! for all those that thought my taste in comics was terrible. I love MONTY and am very glad to see it awarded.

  2. Great news! In my opinion (and I guess in others), Monty is the best comic strip out there today! It’s consistently funny day after day. Congratulations, Jim!

  3. I’m happy that Jim Meddick won the prize. After many years of translating Monty for the Italian mag Linus, I know well how incredibly good Monty is!

  4. My belated congratulations to a great cartoonist and a great strip! For a strip that began life as an excuse to market a toy, Monty has certainly exceeded expectations. It is certainly one of my favorite comics.

  5. I realize that this is old news, but I just stumbled upon this story today. A very belated congratulations to Jim Meddick! I have been following his work for years and am a huge fan. “Monty” (and it’s former incarnation “Robotman”) is one of the best strips I’ve ever read. I absolutely love Jim’s work. It’s brilliant!

  6. I’ve long kept Jim Meddick’s cartoon about buying undershorts that have a 3rd leg in them for Monty to see they were inspected by # 51. #51, unlike the others who are checking pairs VERY closely, is looking out the window at the gals in the window across the way who are “looking good” working out at the Aerobics Ctr. It’s so tattered, I have to find a better copy somehow.

  7. Does anyone out there have a copy they could send me of the MONTY cartoon I mentioned in my last comment (see #10) ?
    Thanks, Priscilla

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