Bill Schorr wins Editorial Cartoons Award

Bil Schorr was honored with this year’s NCS Division award in the category of Editorial Cartoons.

“I’d like to thank Mike Ramirez for leaving one award for the rest of us,” Bill joked as he received the award.

6 thoughts on “Bill Schorr wins Editorial Cartoons Award

  1. His editorials have always been among my favorites. They are so masterfully drawn and to the point. I also loved his early newspaper comic strip Conrad and continue to enjoy The Grizzwells. Way to go, Bill!

  2. I would like to reprint a cartoon that Bill Schorr did in 1982. It is intended as part of a book on immigation intended for college students. Do you know how I might get in touch with him?

    leonard dinnerstein
    professor emeritus
    university of arizona

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