Drew Litton posts his first animation

Rocky Mountain News sports cartoonist Drew Litton has posted his first animation – and it’s not sports related. Regarding the Flash animation, he writes on his blog:

I started by doing a Rockies cartoon, but their season, much like my animation, took a sudden detour. So I went back to square one and decided to do this cartoon based on a Moose and a Fly. It was done so I could figure out how to make things move (the fly mostly, including getting his wings to flap), lip sync ( the Moose talking), draw directly in the computer and put together a soundtrack . The Moose Gets juiced was much less complex than my original Rockies concept. It gave me the chance to get something beyond just talking heads on the internet. That is my goal. To bring you quality animated cartoons on as regular a basis as is possible. It won’t be daily. It may not even be weekly or bi-weekly but I’m going to try to bring you something as often as I can and still give you great daily sports cartoons. So think of these animations as supplements to your sports section.