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News Briefs for May 20, 2008

» The Washington Post has posted a time-lapse video of editorial cartoonist Tom Toles drawing this cartoon. You can see the May 15th being drawn out.

» Non Sequitur creator Wiley Miller was featured on Maine news network about his passion for cartooning and living in Maine.

» Patrick McDonnell, creator of Mutts, was interviewed by the Winston-Salem Journal about his crusade for animals both in and with his strip.

» Rod McKie wrote a very interesting essay on cartooning and The Long Tail. If you’re not familiar with the Long Tail, I suggest you read the original article outlining this new paradigm of digital content value and profits.

» Paul Gilligan’s Pooch Cafe is celebrating five years of syndication through Universal Press Syndicate. His feature originally launched with Copleys, but made the move to Universal when Copley got out of the comic syndication market.

» New Zealand cartoonist Mike Moreu who works for the Nelson Mail, is profiled about his work and impact in New Zealand.

» Found: A cool blog with early character designs from animated studios like Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney. I enjoyed seeing how the fluid and scribbly sketches were fleshed out, morphed and made into the well known characters that we see on the big screen.

Community Comments

@ 12:26 pm

I watched both the Toles and the Wiley videos.
Always fun to compare styles and methods.
Toles uses an ordinary looking pencil to rough sketch ( I use NC blue, less erasing ).
It appears he uses something similar to my basic cardstock as a surface. Interesting how he moves it around the top of his desk.
Wiley sure looks relaxed in his newer confines.

( P.S. …I do not like being observed while working on a ‘toon. I know it’s not “Guernica” or the “Mona Lisa”, but I still dislike making what I consider a mistake. )

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