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News Briefs for May 15, 2008

» A college editorial cartoonist writes “How to be a political cartoonist

» Diesel Sweeties creator Rich Stevens is interviewed by Newsarama about his strip and the difference between his online and syndicated work.

» Charles Brubaker has discovered YouTube video of Ford commercials designed by Dr. Seuss.

» Mark Anderson’s book “Rub My Tummy and It’s a Deal” is no available on Amazon. Go get it!

» Mark Anderson, yes the same one as mentioned above, has created a Facebook app to deliver his ‘toons through Facebook.

» Mike Rhode has a wrap up of an unique cartooning moment at the New York Times as one of their reporters covered the North Carolina presidential primary – in cartoon form.

Community Comments

#1 Charles Brubaker
@ 3:57 pm

Here’s an amusing animated advertisement plugging Sunday comics. That’s Stan Freberg doing the voice.

#2 josh shalek
@ 10:56 am

Those Dr. Seuss cartoons are fantastic. Now where can I find an actual car designed by him?

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