Rex Babin doing animated editorial cartoons

Sacramento Bee editorial cartoonist Rex Babin has been doing animated editorial cartoons for his paper’s web site for about a year now, but as the public editor admits, “the paper has done a poor job of telling readers the animated cartoons even exist, let alone guiding them to the animations.” In all there are 10 animations that he’s produced. The paper has posted his animations on his web site with his other cartoons and he has a handy URL:

As to why Rex started to move toward animation:

Babin noticed while on his regular visits to high schools that students would get excited when he showed them his animated cartoons.

“Young people have iPhones and all these gadgets … and an animated cartoon is a perfect image for those devices. I’m using a different tool to present the same message (as in print). If people, especially young people, are getting this message via their (digital devices), then why not do it that way?

“Why print only static images, when now you can interact with (people), talk to them.”

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  1. I just saw your drawing of USAirways flt#1549 and loved it. My son was on that flight , is a pilot and my husband is also. Do you ever sell your drawings and if so how much would it be? Would love to consider getting a couple of copies of it. Thanks, Pam

    PS… my mom lives in Fair Oaks, CA

  2. i would love to purchase copies of #1549. i think it was divine genious and would be honored to hang it in my home. i am not a “religious” guy, but am moved by the spirit of the beautiful lines that flowed from your pen. i can only hope that you sent a signed copy to commander chesley. thank you, dan

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