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Anyone else attending the Reuben Weekend?

I’ll be attending/covering this year’s NCS Reuben Weekend next month. From all that I hear, it’s a fun experience and I’m looking forward to it.

If anyone is attending and would like to share the cost of the hotel room, I’m looking for a room-mate. Please contact me if you’re interested.

Community Comments

#1 Lee Mayer
@ 10:06 pm

Alan: I hear H. Moore will be attending the Reubens and is looking for a roomie. He’ll probably insist on separate beds, though.

#2 Tom Richmond
@ 7:55 pm

Well, I’ll be at the Reubens but my wife hates it when I invite strangers to stay in our room, unless you happen to look like Brad Pitt.

#3 Alan Gardner
@ 11:31 pm

I’ve got a roomy now, thanks!

And for the record, my wife says I am BETTER looking than Brad Pitt, but I understand. :)

#4 Tom Heintjes
@ 12:07 pm


I’m looking forward to meeting you! So you’ve joined the NCS? The Reubens are a really good time–pretty much the only cartooning-related event I travel to. (I hate traveling.) I only wish I could stay up as late as everyone else does! (My two-year-old makes me pay the price the next morning if I stay up late.)

#5 Rick Stromoski
@ 2:48 pm

Alan are you registered? I don’t see your name on the list of attendees.

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