Anyone else attending the Reuben Weekend?

I’ll be attending/covering this year’s NCS Reuben Weekend next month. From all that I hear, it’s a fun experience and I’m looking forward to it.

If anyone is attending and would like to share the cost of the hotel room, I’m looking for a room-mate. Please contact me if you’re interested.

5 thoughts on “Anyone else attending the Reuben Weekend?

  1. Alan: I hear H. Moore will be attending the Reubens and is looking for a roomie. He’ll probably insist on separate beds, though.

  2. Well, I’ll be at the Reubens but my wife hates it when I invite strangers to stay in our room, unless you happen to look like Brad Pitt.

  3. Alan–

    I’m looking forward to meeting you! So you’ve joined the NCS? The Reubens are a really good time–pretty much the only cartooning-related event I travel to. (I hate traveling.) I only wish I could stay up as late as everyone else does! (My two-year-old makes me pay the price the next morning if I stay up late.)

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