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Moola movie intro uses Leigh Rubin animation

Rubes creator Leigh Rubin has had a hand in the independent comedy movie, “Moola.” The opening introduction features animated cows drawn by Leigh. See YouTube video below.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 2:40 pm

“Moola movie intro uses Leigh Rubin animation” and Gary Larson jokes.

#2 Andertoons
@ 3:38 pm

Good for Leigh!

#3 Wiley Miller
@ 4:10 pm

It doesn’t look like they spent much time on the animation.

#4 Dan Reynolds
@ 11:44 am

I think Leigh did a great job! Nice going Leigh!
The world can never get enough good cow gags!

#5 Randy Polliard
@ 1:15 pm

Speaking as an animator and cartoonist, this illustrates a pet peeve of mine. The term “animation” should be reserved for “bringing a drawing to life”. The art of pivoting arms and legs via Flash needs a different term…”moving cartoons” maybe? Mootoons for short!

#6 Garey Mckee
@ 2:20 pm

Randy, how about “graphic blandishment?” But even that may suggest more fluidity and motion than some flash animation. I agree there should be an alternative term for this type of animation.

#7 Mike Cope
@ 9:10 pm

Garey, I believe the term is “limited animation” … not to be confused with its complementary term “limited budget.”

#8 Garey Mckee
@ 4:23 pm

Heck even the old “limited animation” cartoons were more fluid than some of these flash animations.

#9 Dan Reynolds
@ 5:59 pm

I say again…NICE JOB, Leigh!

You folks are pretty critical! Give the guy a break. Jeez. At least HE got his work involved in film work.

I can’t believe how you all sit around here and chop up this guy’s efforts like you do.

If you guys need to criticize bovine work and low budget projects, feel free to take ME to the slaughterhouse and leave Leigh alone…

go to youtube at

After you totally destroy my effort and acting, which was done for fun, perhaps your thirst for cartoonist blood will have been satisfied.

#10 Dawn Douglass
@ 8:49 pm

Ha! I love it. I think the limited animation is delightful.

#11 Garey Mckee
@ 9:18 pm

I never said I didn’t like the work, or wasn’t happy for Leigh’s involvement. I was just conjecturing on what a term for that type of flash animation would be.

Dan’s post reminds me of that video, “LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!!! SOB!”

#12 Dan Reynolds
@ 8:56 pm

Okay, there. Garey.

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