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The Complete Far Side Box Set Deal of the Day

Farside box set

I just received a notice that The Complete Far Side Box Set is on sale on Amazon at 55% off the list price (normally $150, now $67.50). I don’t know how long this price will last or if it’s a normal on-going price.

I picked on up. :)

Community Comments

#1 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 2:57 pm

I paid the 150 bucks.

Dang it.

#2 Kelly Ferguson
@ 5:13 pm

Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been meaning to buy the collection for quite some time. (just ordered it, that one click Amazon feature is frighteningly quick)

Sorry, Lucas, sometimes it pays to procrastinate.

#3 Dan Reynolds
@ 5:21 pm

I can get you a viewing of over a 1000 of my cartoons for a heck of a lot cheaper than that…
go to google and type “dan reynolds on cagle” and see what comes up.

#4 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 5:29 pm

I’m an idiot Kelly, what can I say?

Somewhere in the distance, I hear Larson rolling around on my money, laughing at me…

…For he knows I’ll buy yet another Calendar, next year…

#5 Dan Reynolds
@ 6:05 pm

WHY? Why would you pay to buy the same cartoons you’ve seen a million times before??? I always wanted to find someone who actually admitted to buying the same warmed over meatloaf again and again. How many times can you reheat meatloaf before it turns to dog food?
My remarks are not a reflection on the great work Larson did. It’s a reflection on obsessive compulsive disorders.

#6 Rick Stromoski
@ 9:16 pm

This forum isn’t meant to be a conduit to sell your wares…

#7 dan reynolds
@ 12:24 am

If you’re referring to me. I’m NOT selling my wares. I’m making a point about selling the same old material in the same format to people when there is nothing new being put out and there’s plenty of people out there who have great material (I’m NOT meaning specifically ME – I just used that as an example) and I’m not selling that material anyway. That was just a manner of speech.

I don’t need to sell ANYTHING myself. I have many agencies, corporations, etc. that licence my work thank you very much. I don’t appreciate the implication – no, you actually told me I WAS trying to sell my wares…I’m not. I was just making a point.
Please don’t assume I have bad intentions or have som sort of hidden agenda. It’s a waste of both of our times. I thought this was a forum to express one’s opinions. Is it not?

I think with the hard earned credentials I have in the cartoon world and the love I have for cartooning, I would merit some sort of respect that would not lend some to assume I’m USING a chat space as a “conduit to sell my wares”. Maybe you’re spoofing me. In that case, I’m laughing. If not, I’m sort of offended.

#8 Lucas Turnbloom
@ 9:42 am

I don’t know Dan, I can’t explain it.

Whenever I see a new calendar around November, some sort of strange impulse says:
ARGH!! New Farside!! Must Buy!!

Even though, deep, deep down, I know there’s nothing new. Damn you, Larson!!

But I can promise you this, I will NOT buy another box set!

… Although, there is an empty space on my bookshelf at work …

#9 josh shalek
@ 10:07 am

I found one of these used. It’s worth it to read Larsen’s commentary at the beginning of each chapter. Same goes for the complete Calvin & Hobbes (although I admit to just reading Watterson’s intro at the library; I already have all the books).

#10 Dan Reynolds
@ 10:53 am

I bought ALL the Larson (as opposed to LarsEn) books and Watterson books. I will admit I wished I had none of them so I could buy the hard bound complete editions. That’s a one deal, all inclusive, much more protected collection of all of the best there is.
How great was Watterson! Man, that guy was good. To think he’s the lifeblood of Calvin and Hobbes and C and H still do a solitaire dance of laughter in that man’s mind, shut out from the rest of the world. I find that very sad and quite a loss for the world to not experience more of the magic that was Calvin and Hobbes.

#11 Dave Stephens
@ 2:14 pm

That price is indeed a great price. But it’s NOT the only deal for this book.
Here is a link for finding the best price on the boxed set.

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