Sandra Bell-Lundy posts final chapter to her road to syndication series

Sandra Bell-Lundy, creator of Between Friends, has posted the sixth and final segment to her story of how she became a syndicated cartoonist. (Read about her earlier posts in this series)

In August of 1993, my husband surprised me with a gift. It was a solid birch wood secretary desk that we had been admiring for some time but felt was a financial extravagance we couldn’t afford. Unbeknownst to me, he had been making payments on it for months.

When I asked him why he had done it, he told me that he thought I needed something nice to happen. It had been a long year of struggle for us. We had been trying to begin a family but things had not been working out for us. And it was coming close to the end of my development period with King Features and I was anxious as to what their decision would be regarding picking up the strip. Tim was concerned about me being turned down and having to deal with another major disappointment.