Wes Alexander passes at age 42

Wes Alexander, who’s comic strip Stormfield was syndicated through DBR Media, has passed away at the age of 42 of causes yet to be disclosed. According to Journalista!, his feature had reached 450 newspapers.

You can read more about Wes over on the Great Lakes NCS chapter site.

5 thoughts on “Wes Alexander passes at age 42

  1. I really enjoyed his strips and a couple years ago he sent me a drawing and few other things after I wrote him. He was so nice in what he wrote I wish my life wasn’t so busy that I never wrote him back again. Life is so short that when you want to do something you better do it and not put if off. I wll miss him. Larry Bower

  2. Wes was my nephew. He was quite a guy!!! His death has left a tremendous hole in our family. Aunt Edith

  3. I was saddened to hear of Wes’s passing.
    He gave me some of the biggest laughs I’ve ever had. His sense of humour was unique.
    We were roomates for a short time while he was in Utah. And I worked with him for 4 or 5 yrs. Perhaps the most colorful character I’ve ever met. God Bless him.

  4. Wes was f****** awesome and genurine, An all around good guy. And i wish that i would have gotten in contact with him more after i moved. Wes was an awesome cartoonist and he always pushed me into making my comics i always lagged on, he always seem to believe in me. And wes was just straight forward and to the point, I will definately miss him, but i am blessed that i met WES

  5. I was surprised to hear of his passing Wes and I worked together in Homestead Fl. and at the time was a huge Rush L fan we have lost a great talent

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