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Nancy daily comic strip to be produced in color

Guy Gilchrist writes in to tell me that starting next week, the Nancy comic strip will be provided to subscribing newspapers and web sites in color. The decision was made to enhance the art on the web and have control over the coloring.

Community Comments

#1 Mike Lester
@ 10:35 am

Now THAT’S the kind of up to the minute news that today’s cartoonist needs to survive in this crazy world we live in.

#2 Carl Pietrantonio
@ 3:40 pm

Now if the strip would start being funny again, that would be perfect. I am very tired of Fristzi looking at a computer and remembering everything that has happened to her (apparently) 35 or so year old self over the last 70 years. YAWN!

#3 Eric J. Peterson
@ 11:24 am

These comments seem needlessly mean-spirited. I’m no fawn, but this sort of eye-rolling criticism is undeserved.

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