Richard Thompson nominated for Best Newspaper Comics Strip

Mike Rhode is reporting on his blog that Cul De Sac creator Richard Thompson has been nominated for a NCS division award in the category of best Newspaper Comic Strip.

Congratulations Richard!

5 thoughts on “Richard Thompson nominated for Best Newspaper Comics Strip

  1. That’s great news. I’ll take this opportunity to say that Richard Thompson is one of the best in the business, in terms of art, writing, and all. His strip is great, and all his work (including “Poor Richard’s Almanack”) is startingly witty. Like “Lio,” which was nominated last year, here’s another newcomer that soundly deserves the nomination and perhaps the award (depends on who else was nominated). Congratulations, Richard, and best of luck!

    I’ll also take this opportunity to say that the NCS lazily hasn’t updated the news section of their website since May and therefore there are no lists of the nominees in the various categories there yet. Alan, do you know when the NCS will put out a list of the nominees? If I recall correctly, they did it in March last year…

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