Gordon Campbell to run on Cagle.com

Gordon Campbell, who was laid off last week from his editorial cartooning gig with the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, will now be seen on Cagle.com. Gordon will continue to freelance for his paper.

To Daryl Cagle he wrote about his dismissal: (See the March 18 entry)

And the year started out so promising, too! For over six months a full-blown, knock-down, drag-out political war has been going on over who would be every editorial cartoonist’s favorite target over the next four years. Maybe I was energized by the smell of metaphorical cordite and sulfur, but I’ll be damned if my cartoons weren’t getting better and better as the conflict raged. But, like the theme in Les Miserables, there was an ominous soundtrack playing in the background, increasing in volume, that I was desperate not to hear! This tune, signaling the post-journalistic revolution, was accompanied by another, grating rasp like the sound of hardwood rolling on cobble. The guillotine was wheeling into the newsroom!

To “burrow myself in,” so to speak, in 2003 I had begun offering my work to the other papers in the chain por nada. As company papers in our area were functionally merged, my work appeared in all those papers every day as well. I was also the highest “hit man in the on-line editions, a top priority endeavor according to management, so I felt somewhat safe. A week before my papers executions the Daily News of Los Angeles had a similar layoff and cartoonist Patrick O,Connor survived that round. Surely, I thought, I’m in no immediate danger. Ha!