Sherffius at Herblock Award ceremony: “I am angry”

Mike Rhode has an excellent write up after attending the award ceremony honoring John Sherffius as this year’s Herblock Award winner. His introduction noted that his portfolio was overwhelmingly critical of the Bush administration and when John spoke, he explained why.

“I am angry…” at the Bush administration for a litany of failures and malfeasance including “outright contempt for our Constitution…” I would have voted for him right then, but he followed up with “This is not the America I want for my children; this is not the America I know.” He carried onto note journalism’s problems, stating, “it is grimly ironic that [while] we have one of the most abusive administrations in power, the press is withering within.”

John’s portfolio can been seen here.

8 thoughts on “Sherffius at Herblock Award ceremony: “I am angry”

  1. >>>â??This is not the America I want for my children; this is not the America I know.â?

    You mean the America that lies it’s way into war, tortures prisoners, rescinds habeus corpus, steals elections, spies on it’s citizens, outs undercover spies for political purposes, raids the treasury giving no-bid no-oversight contracts to political cronies, sends soldiers into war mocking them at state dinners and then ignoring them when they come home, gives tax cuts to the enormously rich, borrows and spends itself into a $3 trillion dollar debt and ignores intelligence that could have prevented catastrophies both natural and terroristic? Why wouldn’t you want that for your children?

  2. Why do you only look at the negatives of the Bush administration, Rick? Why not point out some of the positive things this administration has brought us, like… um… oh, you know…uh…

  3. The difference between Cindy Sheehan and George Bush is that Cindy gave a child of hers to this war where Bush’s children were too busy clubbing and doing jello shots off their stomachs in Cancun to join the war on terra .

  4. I think Mike is talking about the misspelling on the protester’s sign. It’s pretty funny. And of course, it means that the war is now justifiable.

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