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Cagle yells YAHTZEE!

Daryl Cagle coined the phrase Yahtzee! when speaking of a number of editorial cartoonists using the same metaphor in their cartoons. He’s posted three different Yahtzees relating to recent news: The Olympic logo used as wheels of tanks; Pills coming out of the faucet; and a cuban cigar labeled “Castro” being nearly burned up.

Community Comments

#1 Rich Diesslin
@ 6:17 pm

Only 2 are shown as Yahtzees, since it takes five of a kind (perhaps one or more wasn’t available for posting).

Nice appropriation of the gaming term to describe the tendency. Common associations are the low-hanging fruit (easily accessible) of editorial cartooning. While they may be less creative than more subtle associations, they are also probably most easily identifiable to a reader and thus can get a message across pretty effectively. I don’t see why editorial cartoonist would take offense identifying a Yahtzee, it’s not like a personal attack … just a fact.

Then again, I didn’t expect 200 posts to the BC thread either! ;)

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