William Warren wins Charles M. Schulz award for best college cartooning

William Warren, the 2006 Locher Award winner, has been awarded with the Charles M. Schulz award given to the best college cartoonist. William is a student at Wake Forest University, and won the award for his comic strip Lummox. The Schulz award is given annually by the Scripps Howard Foundation.

Finalist for the award include Isaac Klunk of Savannah College of Art and Design, and Bill Richards, University of Georgia.

6 thoughts on “William Warren wins Charles M. Schulz award for best college cartooning

  1. Congrats to William Warren! I can definately understand why he was awarded the Charles M. Schulz award. Reading his strips, not only is great drawing evident, but also great writing as well. Very good work!

  2. Congrats to Garey McKee for having his solid talent showcased in such a respected forum. However, I have no shortage of disdain for the competition itself. No, I wasn’t a competitor in this year’s contest. I was a competitor, however, many years ago. I even managed a position as a finalist in the contest, which at the time was an exciting thing. Not winning that year did not lessen my excitement at being a finalist. What did lessen it was finding out the truth about the judging. Through an source I prefer to leave anonymous (though I’ll admit he was a judge in the contest), I found out that the celebrity judges Scripps Howard put in charge of picking the finalists did NOT actually choose the finalists at all. A bunch of unqualified interns who probably had no experience in what made a good cartoon pawed through the countless entries, chosen perhaps five applicant, and gave those to the celeb judges to pick the final winner. So in my mind, the whole thing’s a sham. I believe McKee deserved to win this year because of his talent, and I only hope the standards used to choose his entry have risen dramatically since the days I participated so that his accomplishment can be a genuine one granted by qualified individuals.

  3. The only forum my talents are showcased in usually ends up lining the bottom of birdcages and sometimes, if I’m lucking, wrapping fish.

  4. I’m excited to find this website for the first time. There must be many other cartoon websites, but this one suits me just fine. I’ve been drawing cartoons all of my life, which, on this website, or in the art world at large, makes me no novelty. I’m just another face in the crowd, but I’m in good company. I’d wanted to meet Charles Schulz my entire life, and kept putting it off. Now it’s too late. He was like a second father to me. Like many others, I draw Peanuts characters freehand, from memory. I can’t legally make a living doing that, of course, and wouldn’t want to. I respect the creator too much. I can’t wait to visit the Schulz Museum for the first time. If the solid-gold, ancient tablet of Ahk-Men-Rah is there, maybe there’ll be a wax figure of Schulz, too. If he comes to life at night, I’ve got a slough of questions for him. I can’t wait to see William Warren’s cartoon style, though it’ll probably make me jealous. There’s always someone better than yourself. When I was 16, my mother embarrassed me, and insulted Schulz: she wrote him a letter, and asked him if I could be his assistant. She claimed that I drew his characters better than he did, which, at my age, wasn’t remotely true. At 16, my own characters were drawn extremely poorly. Drawing Schulz’ characters was the only thing that made me look like I had any minimal potential at all. I was merely tugging at his coattails, which I’m sure he was used to. Schulz mailed me back a letter, respectfully saying, “Thanks, but no thanks.” I still have the letter, dated 1979. It’s falling apart, but it’s safely filed away.

  5. ~~This is a great thing. William Warren is on the rise. Look for the fabulous Daniel August in next year’s Frosh class. ! ! !

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