Pulitzer Board keeping tight leash on Finalist lists

E&P is reporting that the usual leaking of the Pulitzer finalists list is not so leaky this year.

For years, Pulitzer Prize Administrator Sig Gissler has firmly directed the juries that choose finalists for the 14 journalism categories not to disclose them before the Pulitzer Board reveals winners in April. Nevertheless, for many years, E&P has managed to collect and publish a nearly-complete and accurate list of most of the finalists shortly after those decisions were made.

It’s taking a little longer this year. The juries met in New York earlier this week but the usual flood of leaks has slowed to a trickle — so far.

Interviews with dozens of current jurors, past jurors, editors and others who usually have insight into the finalist lists finds most of them in the dark or keeping a lid on it.

I’m watching several news sources where leaks have previously been posted. I’ll post something as things are confirmed. For those following my twitter feed – you’ll probably get it first!

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