Payback for the man fired for hanging up a Dilbert cartoon

Back in December, I wrote about a Illinois man who was fired from his job after management used security cameras to find out that he posted a Dilbert cartoon up in the break room. The cartoon joked that management decisions were made by “drunken lemurs.”

Beginning on Wednesday of this week, Scott Adams has used that story in his feature. So far it’s a 3-day story arc with Wally being fired for doing the same thing as the Illinois man. See Wednesday, Thursday and today’s comic.

Good Morning America has posted a video story about Scott using the real life event as fodder for his comic.

One thought on “Payback for the man fired for hanging up a Dilbert cartoon

  1. When my son was in Marine boot camp, he posted a cartoon on a bulletin board that said “How about a nice cup of shut the $#Q@ up?”

    When he stepped up and admitted that he’d done it (not as an insult to the DIs but to “boots who ask too many stupid questions”), they took the cartoon, crumbled it up and put it in his mouth. The drill instructors then took turns making him do pushups and situps and stuff as he yelled the line of the cartoon until his voice and his body collapsed hours later.

    They didn’t mind the cartoon, they just didn’t like that he hadn’t asked permission to put it up. His dad (my husband) had sent it to him.

    To this day my son’s buddies raz him about. He just laughs.

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