Pooch Cafe strips to be animated by RingTales

Paul Gilligan has announced that his feature Pooch Cafe is in works with RingTales to animate Pooch Cafe strips for distribution through the web, mobile phones. RingTales was co-founded by Michael Fry (Over the Hedge writer) with the objective of animating print comics. In my interview with Michael a year ago, he had mentioned that he was in talks with other syndicates to animate comic strips. Unless there are others already in the pipeline ahead of Pooch Cafe, than it appears Pooch Cafe will be the first comic strip launched by RingTales.

Because Pooch Cafe has been optioned by Sony to be an animated movie, Paul says it took about 10 months to get all of the legal negotiations worked out. Paul writes that there are about five milestone tasks that need to be completed before the final work is available for download. Steps include finding voice talent, selecting the comics, working with animators on issues of timing, camera angles, etc. No time frame is given for a public release.