Comic changes for the week (UPDATED)

The News and Observer has picked up Signe Wilkinson’s Family Tree as their latest guest comic. Thad Ogburn, the features editor, mentions that last month’s trial comic, It’s All About You didn’t get much of a response, but he opines that may have been because so much discussion has been made of the paper’s decision to expand its comic selection.

Up north in the Gazette, they’ve dropped four comics to make room for Annie’s Mailbox (an advice column distributed through Creators). The four comics include Hi and Lois, Hagor the Horrible and The Wizard of Id which were dropped because they were “less relevant to our daily Canadian lives” or that the cartoonists doing them now “haven’t brought the same creative spark that once made that strip a must read”. The fourth dropped comic is Between Friends who, in the editor’s estimation, “hasn’t lived up to the original promise that prompted us to add it a year and a half ago. The tendency for story lines to continue for many days on end has been cited as one drawback.”


The Ft. Worth Star-Telegram’s comic poll pitting Michael Fry and T LewisOver the Hedge against Mell Lazarus’ Momma resulted in 1,200 votes cast with 65% in favor of Over the Hedge. Over the Hedged joined the line up as of yesterday.

E&P reports that The News-Press of Fort Myer FL added several strips after conducting their own poll resulting in 2,500 ballots cast. They added Pearls Before Swine, Pickles and Baby Blues. Unfortunately, they decreased their Sunday comics from six to four pages dropping Annie, Cathy, The Humble Stumble, Mary Worth, The Magic Eye.

One thought on “Comic changes for the week (UPDATED)

  1. “The tendency for story lines to continue for many days on end has been cited as one drawback.â?

    Wow. Stories that go on for DAYS. How could could anyone know what was happening?

    It’s almost as if people would have to pick up the paper day after day and read it.

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