Jeff Danziger talks about editorial cartooning

Jeff Danziger, whose editorial cartoons is syndicated through the New York Times Syndicate, has posted a video on YouTube discussing the current state of editorial cartooning. I also see that he has a blog.

Via Mike Lynch

4 thoughts on “Jeff Danziger talks about editorial cartooning

  1. I like Jeff’s cartoons, so that was a neat video. The way he shades the cartoon with a pencil was amazing; that takes serious skill, I believe. And his comparison of the future of editorial cartooning to legitimate theater is spot on.

    Didn’t know that he does a strip called “Teeds,” which, according to my Google search, runs in Rutland (VA) Herald every Sunday. (I do know that he had a strip through syndication for couple years)

  2. Good video and a seemingly humble editorial cartoonist and all around nice guy. It would be hard to get mad at him even if/while he’s trashing your point of view – that takes a lot of talent. The Teeds, what a hoot for a strip name.

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