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Frank Cho releases 10 year anniversary collection of Liberty Meadows

Liberty Meadows 10 Year anniverssary collection

Fans of Frank Cho’s Liberty Meadows will be excited to know that a hardcover 10 year anniversary collection of the strip will be released on February 27th.

See how it all began from the very beginning in this all-new hardcover collection of the first issues of Frank Cho’s fan-favorite humor series! Collects Liberty Meadows #1-9.

Right now, Amazon is selling the book for 34% off plus an extra 5% if you pre-order it. As always, they have a guarantee that if you pre-order and they drop the price, you’ll get the lowest price and still get the 5% off.

Community Comments

#1 Gregory Fink
@ 7:03 am


You know, i have two (!) different books already reprinting this same material from issues 1 to 9, so can you please let us know what is in the book for extra content before we inevitably buy the third one?

#2 Alan Gardner
@ 7:57 am

I don’t have any more information than is provided on Amazon’s site. Click the photo to learn more.

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