Family Tree and Ollie and Quentin are launched

Signe Wilkinson’s Family Tree has been launched and according to the Yakima Herald-Republic it launched in more than 75 newspapers.

Piers Baker’s’ feature, Ollie and Quentin has also launched today. I don’t have numbers for Piers’ feature. I have the press kit and will be posting my review of Family Tree and Ollie and Quentin soon.

2 thoughts on “Family Tree and Ollie and Quentin are launched

  1. San Antonio Express-News picked up Family Tree….not bad, will see how it holds up…..Miss Curtis though!

  2. I saw the press kit: a beautiful piece of design (and Piers could probably tell you the trouble it took making the inside flap one of the building’s roofs: a fantastic bit of artwork and creative layout). The characters are immediately likable and it is astounding how much expression you can get out of a lugworm who looks like a blob. And it’s funny. Really funny.

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