Go Read: Alan Gardner on the Year in Newspaper Strips and Editorial Cartooning

Comics Reporter Tom Spurgeon has posted an email interview he did with me regarding last years events and the state of newspaper cartooning. Feel free to disagree, ask follow up questions, or add your own in the comment section below.

This year saw Gardner’s site deepen its reputation as a must-visit repository of strip and panel news with extended commentary threads — those on the “Lisa Moore Dies From Cancer” storyline in Funky Winkerbean were required reading by any measure — and a few key editorials by Gardner himself. I was pleased he allowed me to pick his brain on the state of newspaper cartooning from his unique and well-informed point of view, and thank him profusely for his time.

UPDATE: Ted Rall writes in to clarify one of my assumptions. I mentioned that Secret Asian Man was one of Ted’s picks from comic submissions, but Ted approached Tak Toyoshima about taking his alternative feature to daily.