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Aaron Taylor bids farewell to Daily Herald

Aaron Taylor, the editorial cartoonist for the Daily Herald in Provo Utah, has bid farewell to his readers. Aaron has been with the Daily Herald for the last 2 years in a dual role as cartoonist and graphic designer. Today is his last day as a staff cartoonist.

I’m glad I had the opportunity to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Unfortunately, I think I was born a couple of decades too late to make this my life-long occupation and I’m moving on to a new challenge as a creative director at a major construction company in Salt Lake City.

Being an editorial cartoonist will be an experience I’ll never forget. Hopefully the readers have enjoyed the ride half as much as I have.

Community Comments

#1 Rob Tornoe
@ 7:04 pm

I wish Aaron well. He’s a great cartoonist, and a really good guy. I just hope it was his decision to leave, and not the newspaper’s decision to force him out.

#2 Dawn Douglass
@ 10:58 pm

“Unfortunately, I think I was born a couple of decades too late to make this my life-long occupation”

IOW, they weren’t paying him enough. That’s what it sounds like to me.

#3 Aaron Taylor
@ 1:40 pm

Thanks for the kind words, Rob.

I wasn’t asked by the paper to leave – -in fact, they were disappointed to see me go. But looking at the newspaper industry as a whole, I just wasn’t sure how long a paper the size of the Daily Herald (35,000 circulation) would justify having a staff cartoonist.

I could see that perhaps in the future I would have to take on more responsibilities (that didn’t involve cartooning) and these would eventually eat away at the one thing I joined the paper to do in the first place. If I couldn’t do editorial cartoons as a majority of my job, then it wasn’t worth it to me to be on staff.

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