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Chris Browne talks about his move to Sioux Falls, SD

A local Sioux Falls SD news station has interviewed Chris Browne to talk to him about his recent (2006) move to the South Dakota from Sarasota FL. (See my previous stories) Chris took over on his father’s strip, Hagar the Horrible in 1988 when his father Dik Browne retired. You can also watch the news segment from their web site.

For years, Chris and his wife, Carroll called Sarasota, Florida home. But when Chris was asked to speak at Augustana College, he and his wife got a taste of Sioux Falls during the Vikings Day parade. He says, “Carroll turned to me with her Viking horns on and she said, I love this, I want to move here.” And move here, they did. Now, the Browne’s call central Sioux Falls home. Chris hopes to use some of his spare time to start writing children’s books. He says, “I also want to do something meaningful with my art. Man does not live by Vikings alone.”

We were lucky enough to see Chris make Hagar the Horrible come to life on a simple sketch pad. It’s something Chris loves, and will continue to do, from right here in Sioux Falls. Chris says, “I feel like I’m home.”

Community Comments

#1 Dakota Lifestyle: Beyond the Weather
@ 8:15 am

This is an interesting and fun post. I’ve always enjoyed Hagar the Horrible. Just a note: Sioux Falls is in South Dakota.

We should get the Browne family to visit Mandan, North Dakota on the Fourth of July. Maybe they’d move a little farther north!

#2 Mr. Geography
@ 8:31 am

Sioux Falls is in SOUTH Dakota.

#3 josh s.
@ 11:19 am

A landlocked Viking? Ha!

It says at the end of the article: “It takes about 3 days for Chris to do a Hagar strip you’d see on weekdays.” I hope that’s a misquote, because otherwise Mr. Browne must own some sort of time machine to make those deadlines.

#4 Aaron Taylor
@ 4:07 pm

…or he writes his ideas on one day, pencils them in the next day, and then inks the strips the following day. So maybe it spans three days, but he’s working on more than one strip each of those days.

#5 JIm Bertram
@ 2:07 pm

I was attending NCS in Souix Falls two years ago when the Brownes were the special guests. Spending the weekend with them was a real treat. I was with both Chris and his wife when they expressed interest in moving to Souix Falls. All I can say is, South Dakota has gained two great residents!

#6 Jim Bertram
@ 2:34 pm

…make that “Sioux” :-)

#7 catherine yaghsizian
@ 5:06 pm

I have been hunting for an old friend, Chris Browne. I saw an article in your archives and was wondering if you would be kind enough to give him my email address please: Catherine Brubeck Yaghsizian can be found at

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