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Scott Adams one of top 50 business thinkers

On the heals of yesterday’s story in the New York Times about Scott Adams taking over one the day-to-day business of one of his restaurants, comes news from the Times of London which lists Scott as one of the Top 50 Business Thinkers. Notable names in the top 10 include Bill Gates, Alan Greenspan, Tom Peters, and Jack Welch. Scott placed number 21 ahead of Apple and Pixar CEO Steve Jobs (29).

On his blog he responds,

Making the Top 50 Thinkers list is to the Nobel Prize what beatification is to sainthood. It’s okay, but nothing you’d want to laminate and use as a coaster. I know it won’t win any conversations because if I whip that list out, someone will point out that Donald Trump beat me out, and he uses dryer lint for hair.

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