Scott Adams to kill of regular Dilbert character?

Dilbert creator Scott Adams participated in a Q&A on the Freakonomics blog on Wednesday. It’s a long Q&A, but an interesting read. Tucked in that interview is a hint that one of his regular characters will die “soon.” He wouldn’t disclose when or who. Further into the interview he’s asked how far ahead he produces his material. He responds that right now he’s produced his dailies out to January 9th. So presumably this “death” could occur anytime before now and early January.

12 thoughts on “Scott Adams to kill of regular Dilbert character?

  1. Is this going to be the new trend in comic strips, kill off a character? Just imagine If:

    Zebra finally falls victim to the next door gators in Pearls Before Swine?

    Satchel succumbs to his canine instincts and uses Bucky as a ragdoll in Get Fuzzy

    Hagar tires of Fast Eddie’s ineptness and kills him in a drunken rage in Hagar the Horrible

    Blondie, tired of watching her goofy loaf of a husband sleep and eat all the time and be all around lazy and indifferent to his MILF of a wife, suffocates him with a pillow while he is napping on the couch in Blondie

    Little Billy’s extended and often mischevious dotted walks finally brings him into the wrong neighborhood, never to be seen again in The Family Circus

    Marmaduke finally dies of old age…

    What has Funky Winkerbean done?

    If this happens in Dilbert, I’d bet it will be a minor character, maybe even one recently introduced.

  2. I wondering if the gag calls for a character (major or minor) to “die” but the same gag (or subsequent gag) shows the character being resuscitated. Scott never mentions that the character will stay dead and this little announcements lets him hype the strip to keep more people reading it everyday to see what happens.

    Scott is pretty good at marketing.

  3. Dilbert has been killed off before. Early in the strip Scott admitted he was trying to gain attention, discovered no one noticed, so brought Dilbert back to life…cloned him out of his garbage. He threatened to kill of Asok before as well.

    I think it will be Alan and Dawn say, he’ll bring them back easily.

  4. Maybe an anvil will drop on the boss and everybody will secretly be happy (except Alice, who will be openly happy), but then he’ll be replaced by his evil twin brother who turns out to be just the same as the original.

  5. I’m still waiting for the great Gasoline Alley killing spree. Looks like Clovia’s teetering on the brink…

  6. My theory is he’s killing a character as a goof on Funky Winkerbean. I like how Adams does the J.K. Rowling thing tease, by saying someone WILL die, but not telling us who it is. Or how it will happen.

  7. Whoever it is, I bet it will be because Alice will no longer be able to control the Fist of Death.

  8. “Maybe an anvil will drop on the boss”

    Although a lot of us would like to see “The Boss” die, It probably wouldn’t be from a falling anvil. I’d like to think Adams will come up with a comic-style death that’s never been done before.

    It would be cool to see the “dead one” come back as a ghost to haunt the company Dilbert works at, only to be made employee of the month.

  9. “Little Billyâ??s extended and often mischevious dotted walks finally brings him into the wrong neighborhood, never to be seen again in The Family Circus”

    Billy going over to the wrong side of the tracks. Nice.

    For this thing, I think it’ll be Wally.

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