Family features are most popular in Erie Pennsylvania

The Erie Times-News has released the results of their comic poll. Lynn Johnston’s For Better or For Worse was the most read feature in their paper with a 88.3% readership. It’s noted that family strips dominated the top 5 most read features. Aside from FBoFW, the next 4 in line are: Pickles (85%), Hi & Lois (82%), Baby Blues (81%), and Blondie (81%). The survey ran October 4 through the 19th and had 466 respondants which is not a whole lot of participants considering the paper has a reported 61,000 daily circulation (or 88,000 Sunday subscribers). Go check out their results. The each feature is ordered according to most read to least read with accompanying numbers.

21 thoughts on “Family features are most popular in Erie Pennsylvania

  1. Hmmmmmm…Soup to Nutz beat out Lio, Non Sequitor, Get fuzzy and Doonesbury. Pigs are flying!

  2. “Hmmmmmmâ?¦Soup to Nutz beat out Lio, Non Sequitor, Get fuzzy and Doonesbury. Pigs are flying!”

    Yeah, what is WRONG with the people in Erie?! Don’t they have any taste?

    Just kidding, Rick. I actually read your strip every day, and while I don’t think it’s better than Lio, Non Sequitur or Get Fuzzy, I definitely like it better than Doonesbury. 🙂

  3. Congrats on the good showing Rick. I don’t read your strip daily, but I like it and catch up on it from time-to-time. I don’t think the rating is that surprising. It’s always nice to get some strokes.

  4. Yeah, Lio doesn’t do well with the 60+ers. My own mother isn’t enthusiastic about Lio. She just told me on Halloween she still has to warm up to it. And in the same breath she says, “But I just love that PICKLES and BABY BLUES. Do you know those guys?” Alas! I think I’m forever doomed to come out in the bottom of every poll-pile.

  5. Well, that’s weird…most of the strips I read every day are in the bottom half. “Lio”? “Non Sequitur”? “Get Fuzzy”? “Soup to Nutz”? “Doonesbury”? “Opus”? “Curtis”? “FoxTrot”? “Dilbert”? “Close to Home”? Those don’t belong down there…

  6. I tend to read all the “bottom listers” when it comes to comics. As I’ve stated before in other topic threads, they are the least likely strips to be watered down or stumped creativetly due to the political correctness common denominator set.

  7. “What do you have against pigs? And flying? LOL”

    Hey, this could be the makings of the next great comic strip, called “Pigs are flying”. Any takers?

  8. Mark, you will always be 12 years old to your mother.
    I am over 60, so I guess I’d better go scope out “Lio.” I enjoy “Heart of the City” and used to read “Bent Halos” when the PhillyComics site was going – more than 10 year ago.

  9. Shoot! I can’t even keep my UserID straight!

    Lio and Heart inhabit parallel universes, as detailed in today’s episodes! I love it!

  10. OOPS!…Garey, I didn’t mean that YOUR comic strip wasn’t good, it is, I just forgot who I was quoting at the time… Sorry if I offened.

  11. “Bring back the Pantom.” i”m surprised he didn’t ask for Joe Palooka.

    This pretty much sums up the average Pennsylvanian, who likely cast his or her first presidential vote for Dewey. They like their comics safe and familiar.

    Most “Fuzzy,” “Lio” and “Pearls” readers have gotten their degrees and moved elsewhere.

  12. Sorry, Gary. The story caught me in a moment of petulance.

    PA isn’t all that bad a place to call home, but cutting-edge it’s not.

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