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CBC to interview David Michaelis today

Mike Cope writes in to alert us that Charles M. Schulz biographer David Michaelis will be interviewed on CBC’s radio probram “Q” today at 2 p.m. EST to talk about his new book Schulz and Peanuts. Those wanting to listen in can listen to the live stream or wait for the program to be archived in the podcasts.

Community Comments

#1 Rick Stromoski
@ 12:30 pm

Well…nothing really new to add to what we already know. A pretty vanilla interview. he had a good radio voice.

#2 Mike Cope
@ 1:21 pm

Agreed … I don’t think anything new will ever come of this topic either. Well, unless someone discovers Schulz’s secret archive of unpublished Peanuts strips :)

Being a Canuck, I usually have the CBC playing while I work at my drawing board. Q’s host, Jian Ghomeshi, regularly does a nice job of keeping the show more informative than controversial. Overall, it’s a nice spot for insights/news on a variety of arts & entertainment.

#3 Garey Mckee
@ 1:57 pm

Wow Secret archive. If only!

#4 Rick Stromoski
@ 4:08 pm

>>>Well, unless someone discovers Schulzâ??s secret archive of unpublished Peanuts strips :)

Actually we gave out a fantagraphic book of unpublished peanuts strips last year at the Chicago Reubens. It has over 150 unseen strips from the 50’s and 60’s that sparky changed his mind about submitting for reprinting. Some of them encompass an entire week. Very cool.

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