Festival of Cartoon Art wrap up (UPDATED)

Mark Anderson attended the Festival of Cartoon Art and blogged the experience. Head over to Mark’s blog for his report on day 1 (day one photos), day 2.

Mike Rhode has written up a short review as well as posting photos over on Flickr.

UPDATE #1: Mark posts a final Q&A about his thoughts of the festival.

6 thoughts on “Festival of Cartoon Art wrap up (UPDATED)

  1. I had the extreme pleasure to meet, and in most cases, have real conversations with, a whole lot of cartoonists Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the incredible Festival of Cartoon Art. Wiley Miller said, right here on this site last week, that this gathering is the “best cartoon event going,” and, after having immensely enjoying the panels and the company of Mr. Miller, Paul Fell, Gustavo Rodriguez, Rob Smith, Tim Ellis, Tony Cochran, Rich Diesslin, Arnold Roth, Ted Rall (and his lovely wife), Ray Billingsley (and cousin Jeffrey), Mort Walker, Bill Hinds, Mike Peters, Roy Doty, Don Lee, Jeff Stahler, and many others…I’m inclined to agree! Cartoonists truly are some of the nicest, most interesting, and fun people to be around. The staff and the volunteers of the Cartoon Research Library and the Thurber House all deserve major kudos for this amzzing, well-run event, which was as informative as it was fun. I can’t say one thing negative about my experiences there.

  2. I wish I had realized that Jeff Stahler was there – I wanted to e-mail him recently about a hilarious cartoon of his involving the witch from Hansel and Gretel and fat american children but could not find a way to contact him at the time.

  3. Anne,
    Call the editorial department at his paper or e-mail him at the address listed in his profile on the AAEC site. If I had the paper from Saturday with me (here at work) I would’ve given you the phone number there. BYW, he’s a nice guy and very approachable.

  4. Yes, it was a great event. Alan, at one point of serendipity most of the folks who responded to John’s “who’s going” thread were together at the Thurber reception. It was very nice to have folks I knew through this blog to chat with. John was working overtime for his upcoming “Stay Tooned” publication … that should be great. I hope everyone makes themselves available to him as needed for any articles he’s working on.

    Everyone was very friendly and it was very enjoyable. I went for the Thursday pre-conference and found that I was sitting right next to Tim Ellis, so that was fun. I especially enjoyed getting to know so many cartoonists at this event including Tim Ellis, Tony Cochran, Dave Coverly, Ron Hill, and Rick Kirkman.

    I was thinking about blogging my experience too, but Mark and Mike did such a good job, I’m glad I didn’t! Thanks for those write-ups and photos!

  5. Alan,
    Rich’s comment prompts me to say “thank you” for posting that “who’s going” question last week. I did, in fact, have the opportunity to meet ALL of the cartoonists who answered! Rich and his colleagues in attendance were gracious and engaging. And Mike Peters? Well, let’s just say his nickname is “Flubber;” anyone there for his panel knows what I’m referring to!

  6. As I steal a few minutes from ‘the man’ just let me say ‘WOW’! I’m still in ‘recovery’ mode from the event. I actually feel ‘hung over’ from my 3 day cartoon buzz. I think it comes from having a ‘Mike Peters’ type enthusiasm but struggling to keep it contained. I don’t wear it as well as he does.

    I really loved every minute of the event and was certain my head would explode when we visited the Cartoon Research Library. What an incredible amount of history and a wonderful resource to have available. Even now as I recount the weekend I’m getting dizzy so with my last bit of strength I’d also like to extend my thanks to ‘EVERYONE’! All the organizers, volunteers, presenters, and attendees. It was fantastic to share time with like minded devotees of cartoon art. Mr. Harvey, Mr. Roth, John, Rich, Ron, Dan, George, Tony, Ray, Frank, Dave… and of course Mr. Caniff (posthumous) it was a pleasure spending time with you all.

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