Howard Huge dropped permanently from Parade Magazine?

Over on RACS, D.D.Degg reports that yesterday’s Parade magazine didn’t feature Bunny Hoest’s Howard Huge, a cartoon staple of the magazine since 1980. Earlier this month I reported that the magazine had begun running other cartoonists including cartoons by Dave Coverly, Carla Ventresca, Dan Piraro, Donna Barstow and Gary McCoy.

34 thoughts on “Howard Huge dropped permanently from Parade Magazine?

  1. Does anyone know how those of us who don’t get Parade in their newspapers can see the cartoons they’re running? I’ve failed to find them on the ‘net.

  2. I really miss the old Laugh Parade in Parade Magazine with the Bunny Hoest/John Reiner cartoons. Can anyone tell me where I can find their cartoons now? I tried DailyInk but no luck.

  3. I really miss Howard Huge! Is the author/artist still living?
    Is Howard Huge available in book form? Is Howard Huge available in
    some other magazine other than Parade?

  4. Bunny Hoest and John Reiner took it over when Bill Hoest passed, same as The Lockhorns. They are both still living.

    As for collected editions, there apparently was one back in 1982, and a few used copies are available through Amazon.

  5. Very disappointed that Howard Huge is no longer appearing in Parade.
    Can he be enjoyed anywhere else? Kindly let me know.


  6. I miss seeing Howard Huge every Sunday. What has happen to the cartoon? Please let me know. Both my parents in the Bay Area and my husband and I in Southern California have enjoyed Howard Huge humor every week and really miss this one cartoon.
    Leave your comments

  7. What’s the Sunday Parade Magazine without HOWARD HUGE, that lovable creature who lives in the home of that zany family. Bring HOWARD back.

  8. I loved Howard Huge; I always saved it for theend when reading Parage. I am going to complain.

  9. What did you do with Howard Huge? We look forward to that cartoon each Sunday and wondered why you dropped it. Let us know where we can find that lovable mound of fur.

  10. One of the joys of Sunday morning was turning to Parade to see what Howard Huge was involved in. Is he on an extended trip? Please tell him to write as we miss him very much!

  11. Howard Huge was a scourge on the comics industry. His arrogance and his lack of self-awareness signalled his downfall to me way before the editors at Parade saw it. He was smoking 2 packs of Camels a day and frequently showed up on set reaking of Frangelico.

  12. Just wanted to let all the other Howard Huge fans out there know that I emailed Parade (thanks for the link above) and he will be returning in a few weeks!!

    “Dear Reader,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Howard Hugh with us. I’m happy to
    report that he’s returned from a brief vacation — yes, even Howard needs a
    well-deserved rest from his weekly antics — and will be back on the job in
    our upcoming December 30, 2007 issue. Be sure to check him

    We always enjoy hearing from our readers. Thanks again for taking the time
    to write.”

  13. Where is Howard Huge?
    Can you help us find him?
    Every sunday, millions of families, including children, come together to enjoy this amazing cartoon.
    As part of your Parade Family, may I ask you to bring us Howard back to our homes?

  14. Parade should be ashamed of their selfs. Howard Huge is the best comic stip they used. It has been my favorite. Since they have taken it out I will no longer read anything in Parade Magazine.

  15. Korrin, you are quite welcome and way to go on voicing your opinion (where it counts) and getting a response. Based on Parade’s earlier comments about expanding it’s reach, it didn’t sound like they were dropping any per se. Now everyone can relax 😉

  16. My husband and I LOVE Howard Huge… we’ve been so disappointed not to have him in back of Parade…. we were happily surprised to find him today… and look forward to seeing him from now on! Will we, and if not, why not?

  17. It was good to see old (or is that big) Howard gracing the pages of Parade Magazine once again yesterday and I hope he’s back for good. I personally prefer the old cartoons that used to accompany Howard in the old Laugh Parade over the new ones now in Cartoon Parade. Comments to that from anyone? Who, besides me, thinks Parade was either testing Howard’s popularity with his brief absence, or was staging a publicity stunt? Well, if it was the former, it worked because HE’S BACK!

  18. Oh Oh! Here we go again. No Howard Huge in today’s (Jan 20) Parade Magazine. What gives??

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  21. Am thrilled that Howard Huge is back in the Sunday Parade, but still miss the other cartoons that used to be there by Bunny Hoest and John Reiner. What do we have to do to get them back? Their replacements are awful. Is there somewhere else we can go to enjoy them?

  22. Wanted to let everyone know that the Howard Huge website ( is up and running, with a new feature, the cartoon of the day, as well as plans for a new Howard Huge book.

    All of us want to thank you for your support and we look forward to providing all your Howard Huge needs!

  23. same ol ‘same ol, Howard Huge, time for new blood, how long you ‘all want out of a large dog joke? Parade and Papers got’ta change and keep up with the new readers and times, for the times they are a change’n, this ain’t no conspiracy ,just an old Bob Dylan song, thanks fer the years, but don’t block up the hall, move over Bunny and let in some youth or my ol’ stuff in you had a good run
    love and kindness Woodrow

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