Who’s going to Festival of Cartoon Art?

John Read writes in to ask who is plannig on going to the Ohio State Festival of Cartoon Art on Thursday?

7 thoughts on “Who’s going to Festival of Cartoon Art?

  1. Thanks, Alan! The reason I’d like to know who else is attending is because it will be a rare opportunity for me to meet so many working cartoonists in one place (and the reason that’s so important to me is because of “Stay Tooned!” Magazine). I’m in the midst of transcribing the interviews we did for the premiere issue – which will launch between Thanksgiving and Christmas – but I’m beginning to line up cartoonists to feature in Issues 2 & 3.

  2. I’ll be there.
    I think the Festival of Cartoon Art is the best cartoon event going, made more special by occurring only every 3 years. I highly recommend it for both professionals and those hoping to break into the profession.

  3. I second Wiley’s comments. The OSU Festival always has interesting panel discussions, speakers and exhibits. It has also become one of the main events for cartoonists to gather to schmooze with their fellow scribblers. See you there!

  4. I’ll be there Thursday and Friday. It’s just up the road from me, so it seems silly not to go! I’m really looking forward to it. I’m way out of my comfort zone since I will know very few folks, but they took my money! It will be fun to meet some folks from the blog, thanks John for asking the question! 😉

  5. I will be at the Thurber Reception Thursday and at the banquet on Saturday night and at the Renaissance Friday morning. I live in Columbus and never miss the Festival. Look me up.

  6. I’m in. All 3 days. It’s my first festival so, like Rich, I won’t know many people there. I’ll be the “not thin” Peter Jackson look-alike with big doe eyes of wonder uneasily hovering at the edge of your circled conversations. Looking forward to it.

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