Guy Gilchirst starts presence over on Myspace

Nancy cartoonist Guy Gilchrist writes in to alert Daily Cartoonists to his new home over on MySpace. So far his first blog topics include a post about Charles Schulz and the Boston Red Sox.

8 thoughts on “Guy Gilchirst starts presence over on Myspace

  1. Guy, as a fellow resident member of Red Sox Nation, I’ve been dying for a thread/topic here to insert some mention of the RED SOX PLAYING IN THE WORLD SERIES! WHOOOOOOO!

    Thanks for the chance, enjoy the series, and I say the Sox in 6…this is gonna be great! I just wish these games were starting before 8:30p. It makes getting up for work the next day a challenege…

  2. I know, Rocky Mt time games are going to be a killer. Just look at game 7…not over till after midnight? Can TV crowbar in any more commercials between innings?? And what about the computer generated ads in back of the batter that change with each pitch?
    Oh well….pay the ballplayers.

  3. Ah yes… The annoying throngs of Redneck Nation. So what? Now its cool to be a Sox fan? Another WS win and they won’t be that banjo playing band of lovable underdog idiots anymore. They’ll be the New England Yankees and they’ll be expected to win every year, and when they don’t, they’ll be berated, beaten and run outta town for “only” making the playoffs.

    Be careful what you wish for, Redneck Nation.

    Cowboy up, indeed. Go rockies.

  4. Huh? Is that a bitter Yankees fan that I hear? “Cowboy up”? No one’s used that tired phrase since after the Sox won the 2004 World Series.

    Don’t be a hater just because the Indian’s whupped the Yankees and the Steinbrenner’s forced out the great Joe Torre…or that Mariano might be gone…and Posada…and Petitie…and Clemens…and Damon…

    …uh oh, the Yankees might be slipping down the division into the D-Ray’s basement apt.!

    Cashman should have gotten the axe, not Torre, but hey, whatever hurts the Yankees is ok with me.

    Yankees s**k. Enjoy the series…


    Hope Steinbrenner and Sons have conniption fits thinking about how they’re self destructing their franchise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA…

  6. I hope you guys post your predictions when the Super Bowl comes around so I can go to Las Vegas and bet everything I have on the opposite of your predictions.

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