Miami Herald names “Great Cartoonist Search” winner

Back in June, I told you that the Miami Herald was holding a contest called the “Great Cartoonist Search” to find a local cartoonist to create a cartoon that reflects South Florida. Over 155 cartoonists submitted and over 11 thousand votes were cast. Jim Morin, the Herald’s editorial cartoonist was one of the judges that helped narrow the contestant pool. The cartoons were voted on by subscribers and the winners are: Carlos and Alvaro de la Vega with their feature called Taco & Pepe.

Carlos does the drawing and Alvaro is the writer of the two. The Herald has posted a small slideshow of their work. The cartoon will become a regular in the paper beginning December 2nd.

One thought on “Miami Herald names “Great Cartoonist Search” winner

  1. Sigh, always Cuba Cuba Cuba. South Florida has more to offer than just Cuba references doesn’t it? Out of 155 entries, this was seriously the best you could find? I don’t really like it. The artwork is fine but the humor is bland. Congratulations are nonetheless in order. Congrats fellas.

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